Ache Tired EP


it was 1am…

When I got an email from Rizkan of Rizkan Records.

I was already up, because I don’t know what sleep is anyway. But this release from ACHE got me out of bed. “TIRED” by ACHE is Rizkan Records 32nd release and I love the way the EP feels.

RIZKAN RECORDS HAS 44 RELEASES AT THE TIME OF THIS REVIEW. Which kindah blew me away, honestly.

Without heaviness, this EP is driving and the vocals are punk in the way of DIY, but still bring the music a level of completeness. I very much enjoy this EP by ACHE.

“TIRED” by ACHE is four straight to the point songs, with great melodic guitars and catchy rhythms.

“Larry” is the jam and a half though.

It has a truthful approach to simplistic pop punk and it has been stuck in my head since approximately 1:15 this morning.

After you’re done listening, and purchasing “TIRED” by ACHE. Go listen to the rest of the extremely awesome music on Rizkan Records bandcamp.