Birthday Boy Sleeping On The Roof Single

First Listen

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i lived in a big punk house in my mid twenties…

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I lived on the third floor of a huge row home with a rotating cast of anywhere from 6 to 15 people staying there at one night.

My room, was on the third floor. My window had roof access and overlooked the broken glass filled alleyway. I spent many of my nights, drunk, alone, and sleeping on the roof.

Birthday Boy’s new single opens with a droning distorted bass line and dissonant guitars humming in the distance. It brings me back to how I felt when I would climb out my window, all by myself with too much alcohol and a sleeping bag.

Nothing cleared my head, and centered my body, like falling asleep under the stars and waking up by the warmth of the sun kissing my face.

Mercy Rule 2018

Mercy Rule 2018

“Sleeping on the Roof” Is a fantastic extension to the bands 2018 release “Mercy Rule”. The new single seems like they are going to be focusing on a more heavy, dark element, making Birthday Boy stand out and shine in comparison to relating bands such as Have Mercy.


Although Birthday Boy has been known for their catchy slow pop style of punk, "Sleeping on the Roof” seems to be a honed in, refined sound.

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My only issue with this song is that I don’t have the rest of the record to listen to right after its done.

“I am sleeping on the roof, so no one here can bother me.”