Closedown DEMO 2019

Close down.jpg

the Rustbelt giving us some sad emotive harcore

This demo by CLOSEDOWN (formerly Yeet is Murder) is 2 songs of Emotive progression.

I get feels of early La Dispute with the spoken word, but musically way heavier and darker. Bassist Eddy Marflak has been known to bring extreme personal relation to his music in previous projects such as WOLF TEETH, and does not disappoint here with the help of the other members of the band.

The music drives the vocals so well, you cant help to feel the dark cloud raining on you while you listen.

song II brings more perspective to the smallness of a single human, and the powerlessness you feel while living in the metaphorical machine. The clean to dirty melodies definitely kick you in the gut, and make you want to have the songs on consistent repeat.

I cannot wait for future releases from CLOSEDOWN.

Go session the two songs: