colony live.jpg


It’s been over 5 years since COLONY was brutalizing the hardcore scene.

And we are now graced with 4 insanely heavy songs that I cannot stop listening to. I am so happy COLONY has written more new music and I am PRAYING for a full length purely for selfish reasons.

The first time I saw COLONY, I was younger, scared, and head over heals for this band. They had gone through some shit on the way to the show and their vocalist at the time was in your face, giving you death stares and had no fear in his eyes. It was fully mesmerizing to watch them shred through the hatred. 

By the end of the set, the drummer had gotten up and punched the singer in the face.. I will never forget that set.

EDITORS NOTE: The second time I saw and played with COLONY they were chasing each other around with a taser. Also won’t forget that.

A week or so later the singer was no longer in the band and this would be their final line up with the vocals spread out between the bassist and guitar player. 

LAPSE should be on your “must-listen-to” heavy music pallet. In my opinion COLONY can do no wrong.

Do yourself a solid and Colonize your mind.