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Weekly Feature of Coma Regalia, and pre review of new album “VAU FAELGOH”

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Coma Regalia ”Vau Faelgoh” Pre Review

Before going into this review, I do feel like I have to admit there might be some biases towards this album being reviewed since I have worked with and helped release an album for Coma Regalia through my label Lost State Records. (The album ‘There’s Still Time’ is available here)

The first time I heard about Coma Regalia is when I bought a 12-inch vinyl copy of “Coping” By the band Cavalcades From Scotland, UK. I remember loving that album and scouring online for the LP when I found out about them. I remember buying the vinyl through Middle Man Records. At the time, I had never really heard of Middle Man Records and didn’t know much about the label. After receiving my record in the mail, I was graciously gifted with the free 10-inch record copy of the split album between Coma Regalia and Cavalcades. I was so thrilled and thought it was super cool to get a free record and I appreciated it a lot. After that purchase, I continued to follow Middle Man Records and check out whatever albums they would put out, including Coma Regalia. 

We here at News-Punk were lucky enough to get early access to the new Coma Regalia album titled ‘Vau Faelgoh’ before the official release on May 25th. The album will be released on vinyl and digital from Middle Man Records, Convulse, I.Corrupt, Zegema Beach, Listen to Aylin, Pundonor, and Adorno.

”Vau Faelgoh” Album Art

”Vau Faelgoh” Album Art


Coma Regalia is one of the busiest screamo/emo bands of our generation. By putting out more material in one year than some notable screamo bands have over their whole career, Coma Regalia has proven to be a mainstay for the screamo genre. Listening through this album, I can’t help but notice the swaying dynamics and structuring of the songs. The composition of the album is quite thought out and flows quite well from track to track. You never lose attention or get distracted while listening to the album. Throughout the album you hear lots of energetic parts and the cathartic spasms well defined by the screamo genre. Coma Regalia has tastefully placed bridges between the chaos to offer some respite for the listener between the intensity, and the subject matter of the songs. One can’t help but be enthralled by the emotionally fueled delivery and lyrics from Shawn Decker. Every lyric will tear into your ear and demand your attention.

In the earlier albums of Coma Regalia, the emphasis was mainly on screaming vocals, but with the newest album, Coma has found a voice that can range from aggressive to more melodic singing. There are some points when listening to this album it reminds me of bands such as Thursday, older Alexisonfire, and even some Sunny Day Real Estate at certain parts. There is also some influence from bands such as Pg. 99, Saetia, Orchid, that bleeds through the tracks. As the album progresses to the final track, the intensity and vibe of the whole record slowly builds throughout and comes to a climax on the final track “Daemeron.” My favorite track on this album is “Kistleden” because I’m a sucker for gang vocals. I really enjoyed listening to this album and I feel you will also enjoy it. 

-Trey Hanawalt

Below is an episode from the Lost State records podcast with Shawn Decker from Coma Regalia