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Deadwitch continuously gets better

This new EP is 4 songs in their classic “if-you-blink-you-might-miss-it” style powerviolence.

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LET ME DOWN is spastic, rage inducing, and heavy. Dave’s vocals are the perfect accent to the music while Albert’s screams really wrench and feel full of agony. This band may only be 3 people, but they carry like a 5 piece and it shows in this EP.

The driving heavy parts are some of my favourite parts of the EP. They really know how to keep the groove going without it ever going sour.

DEADWITCH has been doing this for about 5 years and their last full length was an unreal experience as well. I highly recommend picking up all of their physical releases and sessioning them through.

Not to mention they are currently selling herb grinders for all of your recreational needs. Don’t miss out on the merch of the century.

Listen to LET ME DOWN Below.