DFS Peril First Listen


Eugene, Oregon’s Dead Fucking Serious throws their sophomore effort, Peril, at the world without holding back on ANYTHING, whether it be their own feelings of inadequacy in “Steps,” or their/all of our disgust with the administration of He Who Must Not Be Named in “Aliens.”

DFS rationally points their fingers at humanity while accepting, and attempting to take responsibility for, their involvement in the mayhem that defines our collective existence, which is what we all need to be doing right now.

This eighteen-song aural assault is presented in a style somewhere between the raw, straight-forwardness of Haymaker or F-Minus and the anarchic energy of Against All Authority (if AAA ditched all those lame-ass ska parts). No song even comes close to reaching the two-minute mark, something that should resonate with all purveyors of genuine hardcore and vanquish the throngs of “punks” who can’t hang with the real deal. To top the musical content off, they got Winston Smith (The dude who created most, if not all, of The Dead Kennedys’ visual art, you ignorant dickhead) to design the cover.

What more could you ask for?

Buy it.

-Jeff Klebauskas