Brad murphy has been working hard on self care while in DOUBT.

This EP entitled “After Hours” is a wild mix of Fastcore, Powerviolence, Screamo, and “How To Clean Everything” by Propagandhi.

“After Hours” came out last year, September 3rd 2018 to be exact, but I haven’t stopped coming back to the release. It starts with what seems to be a killer Hardcore EP with fantastic fast paced temple throbbing punk into a surprisingly catchy mid tempo ending.

That alone would keep me to listening to the rest of the E.P. but I had NO IDEA what was in store for me. Song two starts with the best line of a song ever.

“What would a modern hardcore record be without a song about death? Am I right?!”

Holy. Shit.

The song pulls at the feeling of being so down you don’t even want to harm yourself anymore, due to being just that low.

brad live.jpg

Brad unknowingly breaks down the borders of punk and hardcore with his tongue-in-cheek cynical lyricism. It’s honestly as if Chris Hannah himself decided to write a pure hardcore punk record.

This E.P. is worth all 5 songs of catchy, self loathing glass smashing it offers.

I’ll stop talking now: