EKUMEN album art.jpg

FFO: TrashTalk, Gouge Away, Look What I Did

Today marks the release of the brand new Self Titled LP from New Orleans punkers Ekumen. This record is a flash flood. It starts and doesn’t stop, washing everything away in a maelstrom of fury reminiscent of early TrashTalk. The songs are frantic, and fuzzy, and really fun. If your bag is hardcore punk then you are in for some brand new luggage! Recently I caught up with Ekumen’s J. E. and he had this to say

“It's kind of the sound of our band of misanthropes trying to find hope in a rather unforgiving world. The song titles are in Hanish which is a language used by Ursula K. LeGuin in The Left Hand of Darkness and are kind of loosely based on the overall feeling of the songs. We use initials as identifiers in order to have a vague anonymity.”

On top of the record being a ripper it’s substantial. It’s all killer no filler with lots of thought. Idea driven hardcore punk. Don’t sleep on these songs!