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today marks one week into pride month…

And here we sit, with a little more comfort in ourselves as we get to give you this amazing present that is “Gay” by Flo Petite.

“Gay” is a new single from Maryland indie pop artist Flo Petite.

This song is catchy, like beyond catchy. When singer/songwriter/indie music is done right, it hits me in all the right spots. This song does exactly that for me.

This was brought to us by Flo, and since then I have listened to their entire catalog and it is AWESOME! As if I wasn’t already a fan for this single, the rest of Flo Petite’s discography is excellent.


“Gay” is the summer jam for pride month, and also for summer, so blast it in your cars as you drive around town. Smack everyone in the face with the pride of being yourself, and loving yourself unapologetically.

Here's a song to bop to this pride season! Remember to be kind to your fellow humans but to take no shit. Love, Flo @flopetite on instagram