Gilded Age Weekly Feature


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The band that really does it all…

I have had the pleasure to be around the kind folks of Gilded Age for a few years now, being in a band with a member helps of course. BUT, this feature will not be talking about how they've “grown” over the years... Because truth be told, they came out swinging big time with the 2018 Self Titled 12” release.

I feel like they had spent their time growing before this band came into fruition and they got together at the right time, at the right place, and put together, in my opinion, one of the best Screamo records of our current time.

Lets hype up the Screamo commuity quick though. It is thriving with diversity, not just in style, but in people. It is, in my opinion, the most inclusive community I’ve seen compared to its underground counterparts.

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Screamo bands are everywhere, and so many of them are so so good. Gilded Age is no exception. They are putting out extremely self driven music with politically, and emotionally charged content.

If you have had a chance to see them live, you will know right away what their motives are as they speak between music. They are very selfless people, with motivation in the right places. Recently playing our benefit for Pueblo Unido PDX and giving all their merch sales, plus money from a few previous shows to the donations.

Gilded Age really rides the line of brutal heaviness frequently in their songs. Only being a few shades from full on breakdowns, they really know how to pull anger out of you and boil your blood.

Every time I see this band, I am influenced to go make a positive change.

They recently put out a new EP with some extremely diverse songs. Where their first release had some quintessential sad melodic guitars and ebbs and flows. This new EP is dark.

The driving extremes between the two vocal styles really give an excellent diverseness in the songs.

Usually, when it comes to the Screamo genre, there is more of a self deprecating sense that comes from the lyrics. But Gilded Age focus a lot more on the current political climate and how it ruins everything around itself.

“So do we reach for our wallets, or throw a fucking brick through the glass? We’ve lost all trust we had left. We’ve lost all reasons to stay.

Just clocking in until the fall out and then you have the nerve to fucking ask why? We’ve lost all trust we had left. We’ve lost all reasons to stay.”

The stand out track for me is ALL THIS SHIT IS FUCKED. It opens with the best form of true chaos. Musically, it compliments what is stated and what they stand for. The chaos is then enveloped with dueling vocals and blast-beats.

“It’s all bad news, at least there’s a lot of it
It’s all bad news. All this shit is fucked.”

It really doesn’t get much better than that.

I can honestly say that GILDED AGE deserves the spotlight up there with bands like EYELET, GILLIAN CARTER, LOST BOYS, and every other hard working Screamo band in the game right now.