GUMIHO promo.jpg

The Seoul DIY Punk scene has been a huge part of my life for years now.

Every few months I get an EP or a Demo of some super fresh, super dope punk/experimental/fast band from the South Korea DIY community and GUMIHO fits right in!

This EP is six songs that starts off with a very Dead Kennedy’s feel that I am hooked on.

The EP feels like a first release, you can hear ranges of punk that wouldn’t normally be put together, but for GUMIHO it works. I love the dual tracked vocal styles brought in by vocalist Caspin. It gives me reminiscences of old school punk that I got into when I was younger.

Track 3 “-ing” is such a cool track. Infusing elements from bands like Fugazi, mixed with really catchy vocals and tempo changes.

Definitely keep an eye out for GUMIHO. A shining star in the current bland punk cloud.