KIDS Full Length



there are plenty of great bands in hardcore today

But there are a few bands that just fully push all boundaries, break molds, and actually do their own thing.

When I say this I think of bands like Soul Glo, Gouge Away, and, yes, KIDS.

KIDS have been at this for a long time, 9 years in fact. They have always had their own flavor, whether you liked it or not was the thing.

But somewhere around 2014 they changed.

Played some killer shows, hit the road with DANGERS a few times, played FEST,and finally, here we are. Twenty-two minutes of refreshing, game changing hardcore punk.

Everything about this record is meticulously put together, well thought out, and raw.

It is extremely hard for a punk band to put out a record over 15 minutes and keep minds peaked. It’s even harder to listen to it and say “shit I can’t actually compare this to anything I’ve ever heard before”. Yes, there are elements of bands I hear, just like every other record, but a straight up fast core record, that turns into a sludge record, then into a fucked up spoken word record? Nah, I’d say I haven’t seen that done to this degree.

You could say I am biased. But this isn’t me being biased, this record sets the bar for everyone. Get on KIDS’ fucking level.

This record starts off with pure chaos into the heaviest breakdown, with vocals from Jess who has been seen performing with KIDS before. I love that the whole record opens up with song not featuring all the members of the band? Once again, back to that aspect of “fresh as fuck”. The next group of songs sits closer to KIDS’ respective brand of punk. Its fast, chaotic, almost hard to keep up with, and the songs are over before you thought they’d be. None of this is bad though. Although short, these songs have parts that stick with you. The fact that you can still understand these parts shows how hard KIDS has worked to be synced with eachother musically. I say this because if you would hear this same effort from a band who didn’t know how to do it, it would be completely unrecognizable, musically.

We end up at the slowest song on the record. This is where shit gets weird, and I fucking love it.