Landfill VS Fed Ash


Landfill and Fed Ash are dark, angry, and i love every second of it.

Cult Of Nine records really found the gritty dark corners of Syracuse NY and Lima OH.

Both bands are in similar flavor with their own spin on a “black metal” alternative. I use black metal in quotations because this has more talent, drive, and real aggression involved that Black Metal often lacks.

But if you’re into the real good shit. Like real good shit. You’re going to want to be listening to this split.

Sadly, online the split isn’t given to you in the same fashion as the CD I listen to is. The tracks alternate between bands, much like older splits used to. Which I really enjoyed.

FED ASH is a band I had been following on and off over some time because I am aware of members other bands, and that’s how it goes. That aside, there contribution of the split is of a more thrashy take on the metal and hardcore genre. The songs are longer in length, meaning there are less of the on the release. Because that’s how timed releases work**

OKAY ENOUGH RANTING! FED ASH really deliver some tasty fucking licks though. MIGRAINE is by far my favourite part of their extremely solid and ripping side of this split! I really love when they hit strides on their D-Beat paced riffs too. They really slay musically, and you can tell.

LANDFILL really push some of my treasured things about fast music. The songs are short, done right, and not monotonous. I feel like they are stretching closer to the grind side of metal. Which again is super cool that FED ASH is pushing a little more to the punkier/thrash. It makes the release make sense without feeling like you’re listening to the same band or something too drastically different. I really like the way Landfill ends their barrage of songs with a slower jam too. Kudos.

**(this is referring to other punk review sites not understanding what time limits are on split releases thinking certain bands are “lazy” for less songs and others are “overachieving” for more songs.. like seriously? Did you even know it was released on a timed medium?)