Lost Boys FUN

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Hailing from Nuremberg, Germany…

Lost Boys, a screamo trio from Germany released their debut LP entitled “FUN” [released by I.Corrupt Records, La Soja, A Fond D’Cale, Desordre Ordonné, Dingleberry Records, Don't Care Records, Lost State Records and Rakkerpak Records.] It comes as no surprise that it was the dark, chaotic screamo record we all have been waiting for.

This album is riddled with d-beats, spasming with nervousness, and overflowing with talent. Its hard to believe this is a only a three piece band.

As your listening to this 20 minute, 10 song dark cloud of a record, you think you know whats going to happen next, then tracks 5 and 6 come in like back hands to the face. Track 5, “Zufall" bridges the gap between full chaos and melody. Then track 6 pulls you in tight the way those memories of your first screamo show in that basement did. Ending in an amazingly thought out arrangement and very beautiful “ooh” patterns is a great breath of air from the feeling of drowning that this record can give you.

FUN LP.jpg

I use the term “drowning” because there is a sense of urgency, and the feeling you can’t escape when listening to this record.

Don’t let the cover art fool you.

It might be in a different language to me, but I still can feel the importance of the words.

Not only do I suggest listening, But you’re going to want a copy of the record too. So I’ll do you a favor and you can go buy the record here.

And while you order that, you can session the record below.