Machinist! KMP Split



a Split That spans the United States.

Today we bring you a very special First Listen.
This is the newest release from Valdosta, Georgia’s riff-ragers MACHINIST! and Portland, Oregon’s vile-voiced 2 piece KILLMEPLEASE.

We are bringing you one song from each band today, along with the means to pre-order not just one, but TWO different variants of the split, and finally, both songs in Video format to hypnotize the mind.

While each band may be comparable by Genre, they are giving us vastly different takes on the metal/hardcore/punk centerfold.


After asking vocalist Jeff Hill, of MACHINIST! about this song in particular he says:

“This song is pretty cathartic for me. It’s looking back at some severely traumatic stuff that I buried for the majority of my life. So many people go through similar situations but when you’re in the middle of it you feel like you’re floating in deep space a million miles from anyone. I’m glad we made this tune and I’m grateful to my band for letting me speak my truth through our art.”

MACHINIST! - Blood Colored Glasses

We were also able to get a small amount of insight from Drew Clegg, vocalist and guitarist of KILLMEPLEASE. Though less poetic, Drew states:

KMP promo.jpg

“One song is about someone I loathe, the other is about a group of people I loathe. I think you’ll be able to figure out which one is which”

KILLMEPLEASE - Death Spectating

… Alrighty!

As a bonus to this already exciting split, the artwork is immaculate. We cannot wait to have our hands on BOTH VARIANTS of this split.

Speaking of buying tape variants.

Killer Robot Music : Clear Blue Tapes

Lost State Records : Opaque Green Tapes


MACHINIST! has been, and will always be actively hitting the road, but they will be coming up to our neck of the woods and touring the whole West Coast. Couldn’t be more excited for that! Maybe we will be lucky enough to get a little interview? eh?