Orbiter Southern Failures


Gainesville Florida is known for underground music.

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Especially around Halloween, due to FEST. But its not too often that you hear of a legitimate stoner metal type band ANYWHERE now-a-days.

I was contacted a while ago(The end of May to be exact) about ORBITER’s new release “Southern Failures” and I have been to really dig in on this record. Being someone who has listened to their fair share of Stoner, Doom, Sludge, and Heavy music alike. I don’t get the pleasure to actually hear current music that I like, that is so similar to bands like Black Sabbath or Sleep.

But ORBITER hit the nail on the head with this one. They really do. From beginning to end you can really feel the escapism they capture and get away from everything except the music. The music is wonderfully done and has heavy elements mixed well with harmonizing guitars, and droning vocals.

SOUTHERN FAILURES is due out everywhere July 26th.


The first song, “Circles”, starts with a ominus vocal sample, into a fairly classic Sabbath pace, but half way through the song it takes a turn and picks up pace in a very pleasing matter, seamlessly even. I love the writing that was involved with the record musically. The revolving theme of the first and last songs on the record are very well done. As a musician myself, when I first heard the ending I felt that sense of “yes, they really did it” you get when you try that really awesome idea in your head, and it ACTUALLY works out.

The true “Fuck yes” moment.

My highlight track here though is “Wolf Chatter”. It is everything I love about the genre. Sincerely heavy with no frills.

So, next week, go check out this release everywhere possible. It will be in heavy rotation for us! but for now, enjoy the song Peace and Rockets” off of the new record here.