Our Disclaimer



So I started this thing out of nowhere…

and didn’t really know what I was doing or where it would be going. Now that I have a small idea of what I want to do and where I’ll be expanding I want to state a few things for everyone.

Firstly, this site will never post a negative review on a band. 

That might seem silly, but here is my take on it. If I stumble across a band that I don’t like, why the am I going to waste my time writing about them? I want to bring people music that I love. Music that goes under most people’s radar. I don’t want to kill someone’s spirits if they worked their ass off making something their proud of just to have me say something unrad and ruin their day. 

I’ll let Punknews do that shit.

Because that shit is for the birds.

Straight up, that attitude and the people who do that can go pound sand.

That being said, if you submit your band for a review and I don’t like it, it probably won’t end up on the site. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your hard work and taking your time out of your day to submit something. I’ll even do my best to write you back as to why I won’t put it up, or something.

Secondly, there will be a lot more coming to the site. I want to bring to the table a platform where people can come, find a band, listen to them, even listen to an interview with them or watch a live set by them. This can be a huge community if we want it to be.

Lastly, for now, I have no clue what I’m doing. So if you have ideas, or comments, write me. I want to know what you want to see. I can’t promise I can deliver, but if I can I will. 

Thanks for reading,