Pink Guitars Hand EP

PG cover 2.jpg

Things are mighty cold up in Buffalo

But PINK GUITARS keep things nice and toasty up there with this new HAND EP

This EP is riddled with d-beats and extreme 80’s vocal influence. Think if Talking Heads wrote a punk record? Maybe?
It is noisy, lofi, and filled with old school sounds and quirks.

I would lump this EP in with people who love old school hardcore bands, along with people who like Echo & the Bunnymen, which is dope, right?

I don’t hear this genre colliding too much. Which is probably for the better, but PINK GUITARS really has it down. They do what they do very well. I am happy to have this as a part of my library. The EP starts fast, ends quickly, and never sours. I love the ideas musically that are brought into play on these songs.

“Sit down and clear your mind
Only of dust and nothing more”