Ramprasad EP

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It began, and i wandered…

My mind remains a dark place most of the time. With most coping mechanisms, keeping my mind company with music is how I stay sane in my full time factory job. Thankfully, I have music like Ramprasad’s ep entitled “Ruinenlust”.

“Ruienenlust” isn’t just some songs thrown together in new band fashion, but it is an experience. Full, thought out, droning, this EP hits hard and heavy all the way through.

By the end of this EP you feel closer to yourself. I imagine, with enough repeating sessions of this EP, in a dark room, alone, you could really get to the bottom of all those problems you’ve been too afraid to conquer.

The first song off of “Ruinenlust” starts with some harsh noise, into a monotone clean guitar strum, kicking you in the chest shortly after and giving you extremely tasty drumming from David Fylstra as always.

When you have a band with members who’s prime real estate is heavy riffing, you get an unmatched result.

As drummer, David, once told me. “Playing drums slowly is easy, but writing drums for slow music is a technical craft” and he does not disappoint.

Comparable to the perfection of drone like SLEEP or even BORIS, Ramprasad gives you all you ever wanted…

Even blast beats.

This 3 song EP sits right around the 20 minute mark, and you are left wanting more.

I cannot wait to hear what Ramprasad has in store for us in the future.

But for now “Ruinenlust” will be on full repeat.

Session, entirely here:

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