Screaming skull live.jpg

From New England to the PNW, Screaming Skull knew no bounds

Screaming Skull was a band that brought us two extremely short, powerful E.P.s and the last release they did “MMXVI” is 3 songs, running exactly 7 minutes 40 seconds of aggressive, intuitive hardcore. Blazing fast paces throughout all three songs get your blood boiling, and the vocals are pure, raw, hatred.

Even if you couldn’t understand what Dani had to say, you still know the importance of their words.


With the speed, there comes haunting sounds with melodies you would not expect. Like a door creaking in key with the songs. The second song “Tell Me Again” brings a heavy, noisy element to the record that is somehow comforting and discomforting at the same time.

The droning, high pitched guitar leads, with the vulgar display of punk has kept this band in full rotation for me since I first got to see them years ago.

My only wish was for the band to write a full length because I feel as if the next recording they really would have found their footing and would have broken down the hardcore stereotype barriers that exist today.

But, as my glass is half full, here I sit, grateful that Screaming Skull existed and that we all have “MMXVI”

I guess it is truly better to have loved and lost…