Sleepy Limbs/CCC split


FFO – Glocca Morra, Tricot, this town needs guns  


When you think of math rock, what type of bands do you think of? Maps and Atlases? Converge? Polyphia? This Town Needs Guns? Minus The Bear? Math rock has never had a one-dimensional sound per se, but nowadays modern math rock has evolved into a mash of different influences. Ranging from emo, hardcore, and even jazz. Math rock has developed its sound and reputation into all kinds of different genres. Math rock has turned into a beautiful amalgamation of experimentation.


On this split album between Lancaster, PA band Sleepy Limbs and Atlanta, GA based band Champagne Colored Cars you get some of the more emo and softer side of math rock, but yet it still has plenty of dynamic to have you wondering what’s next. Between sleepy limbs dreamy guitar landscapes and groove filled songs, and CCC’s more abrasive rambunctious math rock sound, the 2 bands accentuate each other quite well and create a very complimentary split album. This albums sound and vibe will have you replaying quite a bit, and eventually buying it on vinyl.


I look forward to seeing what both these bands continue to put out, and see where they evolve with their sound. I highly recommend this album to anyone who is into math rock, and or emo sub-genres.


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Released on Seafoam Records and Know Hope records art design for split by Brain Morgante @ Flesh and Bone Designs

-Trey Hanawalt