Slumped Review


‘Slumped’ Bay Area rockers are at it again

From the release of their first EP to their newest upcoming album, Slumped has demonstrated to be a major player in the bay area garage/pop-punk scene. With this newest release, we find a more pop-focused Slumped. I also hear a lot more grunge influence, but besides that, I’m also feeling a little bit of a Wavves vibe to the newer songs put out so far. Slumped has been around for a couple of years and have done a few west coast tours, and seem to be revving up even more. Currently, Slumped has gone through some member changes, but now seem to have a cohesive lineup.

Having worked with Slumped through my label Lost State Records it was a pleasure to help them with their first couple releases. They were always a solid band, and I loved working with them. I am always excited to see them working on new stuff

Go check out their new singles from the upcoming LP.

LP Pre-order available through Lavasocks Records


-Trey Hanawalt