Sorry Scout Barely Waking

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Hailing from St. Louis

SORRY, SCOUT is a Rock and Roll hard hitting punk band with a political sense of mind.

Their newest record “Barely Waking Up” is a very well produced EP with a lot of time, effort, and talent fueling the fire.

The riffs in “Take It All” remind me of Heavy Rock inspired bands like RED FANG but the vocals are a whole different swing at your face. I feel such strong confidence from this song, it is definitely the right song to start off the record with.

SORRY, SCOUT does not conform to one style of music. If they did, and it was all like the first song I would be just as happy. BUT track 3, “Freedom is a Ruse” is almost old school No Doubt influenced musically. Not to put it down in any form, because the lyrical content is far from average and deserves all the attention.

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Proving my point exactly with the next track “A.C.A.B.” If you aren’t familiar with what that stands for, it isn’t the yellow cars you may be thinking of. I really can’t get over the heavy Rock n Roll guitar through out the song, that is just pushed to its limits with the poppy-ness of the rest of the music, all while being topped off with very well written lyrics about the current state of the abuse suffered from the cops who are supposed to serve and protect, when in fact they brutalize and murder.

A.C.A.B. might as well be our new Punk Rock Anthem.

The rest of the record really shines on their diversity as musicians. I couldn’t stress enough, the talent, effort, and hard work really shows in this album.

This record shows that more bands should be taking strides in different directions because more often that not, the outcomes are greater. I can still hear the lead guitar line from Knots in my head. Damn that’s some good shit.

Listen to Barely Waking Up here.