Street Feet Diminished Capacity

SF live.jpg

7 years of grind

STREET FEET have put out a new EP that stays at a ripping pace, and doesn’t stop.

Upstate new york has always brought some extreme music like FED ASH, WHITE GUILT, DIALYSIS, and even SHOPPERS was anything short of straight forward. So it is no surprise that STREET FEET are feeding off of the noise around them and bringing grueling levels of black metal influenced music.

The riffs are heavy tremolo picking and slamming chords with harsh noise in between, the drums follow suit.

As I’ve seen a time or two, and also tends to be my favourite thing about grind and metal bands is the heavy riffing at the end of every record. BUT STREET FEET takes it in a whole different direction with a blistering minute long blast beat ending with a repeating riff and chaos ensues as the noise over takes the end of the track. Great way to end the brutal EP.

They are going to be on the road playing this EP so go check out STREET FEET if they come to you. It will be worth it purely on the speed of these tracks alone.

EDITORS NOTE: The whole EP was over before I even started writing this. I mean that in the best way possible.