Struggle Session Weekly Feature


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Hailing from BEijing

Struggle Session is giving us superior old school hardcore punk.

Everything from the wild live performances, the light heartedness, and song content gives me the feeling of being young, in a basement, and getting wild.

You can tell from the writing, that Struggle Session has a blast making their music. They go from blazing fast to brutal breakdown pretty consistently.

Lyrically on the dark side, Struggle Session gives us more intuitive, introspective looks at life. Even with song titles such as “Egg Is My Life” and “Fuck You! This Is Hardcore” you get lyrics like…

Who needs an identity when all you see is you

Everything encompassed by the sole image of you

Yeah, you're great, you're great, you're so fucking great 

Echo chamber generation, onwards, onwards, onwards, fall

or a personal favourite.

From the song “Well Versed Political Statement”

It's ok to punch a nazi

Fuck the POTUS
You're out of touch, delusional
Fuck the President of the United States!

Struggle Session has a BRAND NEW record coming out entitled “Sudamerica Ruido y Amor” and they will be supporting its release with a tour! So be sure to check them out as they hit the West Coast of the US plus a bunch of awesome places outside of the US!