Swan Eater Oblivion Head

Swan Eater EP.jpg

Oblivion Head hits hard

We have been introduced to a new noisey group from the SEOUL scene once again. SWAN EATER are really brewing something interesting here. While listening to their new release OBLIVION HEAD, I get the reverby vocals, the driving guitars, and punk attitude they give off up front, but there is more here. I start to hear influence from Dead Kennedys, I start to feel the aggression in my bones.

This release is super fun.

I am loving what SWAN EATER is doing. It mixes a punk element that drew me into punk rock when I was young, while giving me what I love about punk influence hardcore.

The last song on the record really hits me in all the right parts. OUT OF NOWHERE a really awesome melodic driving guitar line rounds up the rest of the song, and gives this release a whole other layer of sound that it would be missing if it wasn’t there.

This is such a cool record.

I had to do my own diving and find some footage of them just for fun, and you can watch a snippet of the chaos that is SWAN EATER right here:

OBLIVION HEAD physically released through MYDY Records. But I am unsure if you can purchase it otherwise.

Listen below: