The Cold Year Prey For Me

Cold Year.jpg

We Don’t see music like this much here on News-punk…

But when it comes in, and is delivered so well, I get so giddy.

The Cold Year is a fresh take on the southern rock inspired blue genre. All that being said, the attitude and influence is most definitely, Punk-Rock-and-Roll.

Think Tom Waits meets Gossip, with a little John Moreland sprinkled in. The first track on “Prey For Me” is a noisy intro into the new tongue-in-cheek single “Kill Yourself” which has groove and sass.

But the real highlight of the release, in my opinion is the next track “Thirty-Three and a Third”. The pure sadness that rings from the chord progression really sits with me. It brings me to fall wonderfully. This song is, without a doubt, a perfectly written song.

“Prey For Me” does a really good job of bringing you through full emotional circles. You can tell that THE COLD YEAR spent a lot of time curating the release and it resonates with talent.

The track “Ammonia” does a really good job of bridging the first and second halves of the release together. Followed by a huge stride in a new direction with “Spanish Necks”, Then slowed down to the gentle, yet powerful groove of “The Masses“

The record is brought to an end with an upbeat, rhythmic, soul inspired tune that gets stuck in your head for the next week.

“Prey For Me” Is fun, well written, and overflowing with talent and hard work. I enjoy every second of it. Here is the music video for “Kill Yourself” which shows humor, even in dark themes.

Be sure to listen to this release in its entirety on October 4th. It is worth it, I promise.