It all started when…


The Funeral was a hardcore band from Syracuse, and like most hardcore/punk bands, despite how important they were or how awesome they were, if you blinked you could have missed the years they were active.

HEX RECORDS did the deed that most labels wouldn’t, they took THE FUNERAL’s entire discography from cdrs and unreleased media , had it remastered and put it on wax... I mean how cool is that?
30 songs from a fantastic Hardcore band that a lot of people would have completely missed out on now can get a copy of all their music and spin it on repeat.

THE FUNERAL is an awesome combo of most people’s favourite hardcore outfits much like HAVE HEART, VERSE, KILL YOUR IDOLS, and many more. Extremely passionate, very on point, and no bullshit.

Honestly “Alive and Well” pretty much soles up the pinnacle of early 2000s hardcore through and through.
That song alone is worth its weight in gold.

I think my favourite part of the whole discography is being able to hear demo versions of some of the songs and then hear the final product. It’s always a really cool experience to feel like your growing with the band, or living through the process. It’s gives me a whole new connection to the music.

As always HEX RECORDS never fails to give us amazing release that we can fully support and back. It feels good knowing someone is making the right decisions.