The Mega Yeah.jpg

Sometimes, great bands can go unnoticed…

This is definitely the case with The Mega Yeah!

They are coming from your classic basement in Nazareth Pa where great bands such as No Cash, Blimp Attack and Hostage Crisis also made noise.

When I first listened to The Mega Yeah I just couldn’t believe they weren’t doing more as a band. Their sound is exactly what you hear coming from every venue in Gainesville every Halloween during The Fest. They have the right attitude, melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, and feeling of cracking open a fresh beer in the sun.

Much like the feeling of staying up too late with your best friend talking until the sun comes up, The Mega Yeah hit you with a nostalgic, yet fresh take on punk.

“While the World Ends…” is my shining star on the EP. It is everything I love about what Pop Punk has been doing in the last decade. Giving me the feeling to start running as fast as I can without a destination, or the feeling of bombing the biggest hill I can on my skateboard.

The feeling of running away from what you hate face first into what you love.

Bands like The Mega Yeah should be getting more recognition than they do, and I hope I can help with that.

Listen here: