Unloved Music Video


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Unloved is a product of sadness and fear.

The new single from semi solo project UNLOVED is a hard to swallow pill. The song, entitled “DIAGNOSIS”, pulls on extremely personal strings about the writer, Drew Clegg’s recent trauma while being hospitalized. Then tastefully followed by a dark humored music video directed by the talented Rich Gilliam.


Drew has been known to write about their bouts with depression, anxiety, and self esteem issues in their other bands and previous endeavors, but the honesty that comes through on this track can be, at times, chilling and triggering.

“I want to see you and her one last time, I can’t believe I’m so afraid to let go.”

This line, for example, referring to the fear of dying before getting to see their partner and newborn baby again.

We had asked about the rest of the E.P. coming out this year and if it would be in the same vein as this song, Drew gave us some insight on the album. They let us know that they recently became very ill and had written all the lyrics around their experience, how they felt, and how afraid they were within the time spent in the hospital.

The musical half of the album had been written by Drew and recorded in 2014. When we found that out we were a little shocked.

How could you sit on music that long without finishing the album?

Drew stated that there were “complications” with another person, and a label, and it left a bad taste in their mouth. Drew didn’t give too many details but did say that “sometimes bad things are meant to happen and maybe the culmination of these bad things are the reason why this music was made in the first place.”

Timing can be a crazy thing, I guess.

We also had questioned Drew about the term “semi-solo” when describing UNLOVED and they said that Brad Murphy of our recently reviewed DOUBT (and previous bands with Drew) had done all the drums on the recording.

“Brad literally showed up, learned one song at a time and as we finished a song Brad would say “OKAY! Hit record!” and we did that for every song until the album was finished. I don’t even think Brad listened to the shitty guitar demos I sent them before I flew back to Pa to record.”

All we can say at this moment is that this album will impress you.

You will be able, if your quick enough, to pre-order the extremely limited edition lathe cut record this June.

Keep an eye out for it. It will definitely fly off the metaphorical shelf.