USA NAILS Life Cinema


The London based USA NAILS has a very unique take on music.

USA Nails promo.jpg

At points I get brought back to old Blood Brothers, then I start to hear later Dischord era post hardcore, all while staying catchy and unforgettable.

Life Cinema is a thick, noisy, pop record for the unafraid. It’s more than songs in line waiting for the end, but an experience that brings you full circle.

I love the driving aspects that come through on songs like “Man Act” all while feeding my off time hunger pains with songs like “Microphone”. Not to mention, directly after “Microphone” we run into “It’s Ordinary” which musically enhances the lyrics from the song.

It’s ordinary… It’s ordinary…

The theme of this record become very apparent as you listen. But the further you dive, the more you realized how much the music really envelopes the parameters of the bands intentions.

Its not too often you get an album so thought out that follows through correctly, but “Life Cinema” does.

As stated on bandcamp.. From some source probably way more well known than I..

“USA Nails have weaved together their no-wave, post-punk and noise rock tendencies to create something entirely unique. “Life Cinema” is a clear step forward artistically, but is still full of the vigor and intent for which they are renowned.”

If you’re really looking for an interesting record with edge, passion, and variety, I’d suggest you look no further and enjoy “Life Cinema” by USA Nails!